CAD Zieker GmbH

Since 1998 we have focussed our priorities on new developments, their realisation and their marketing.

In 2004 we established our own CAD department, making now 3-D drawings of our products, developed by ourselves or according to the customer’s requirements. In addition, we make prototypes of new products. We also offer our customers the usage of our development and design department, in order to develop and realise new products with our assistance.

You will benefit from our experience of more than 50 years, obtaining a cost-effective and precise solution. Due to our wide and innovative programme, we are well-prepared for the future.


Ecological and health-conscious

Zieker Gruppe

Having responsibility for our children, the ecological issue is an important subject of our company. We, therefore, participated in 2005 in the environmental advisory programme ÖKOPROFIT and finalised with the certificate ‘Ökoprofit Einsteiger 2005’ (Oecoprofit Starter 2005).

Based on the subsequent measures, we have now a better work climate and have been able to reduce our energy consumption.

As regards our products, we also do the utmost not to contaminate the environment or to endanger our people.

Considering all that, we have the aim to support especially craft enterprises (e.g. joiners) in the small and medium-sized range and we have developed a great number of handy transport aids and auxiliary devices.

They even allow a single person to transport heavy components without great force and, in addition, not endangering the worker’s back. Due to the fact that only 1 person is needed, time and labour can be saved.

Our products are mechanically used and thus do not need any fuel or energy. Almost all built-on parts are made of rustfree, zinc-plated metal.
They are nearly maintenance-free; only a little lubrication for the movable parts is needed. Maintenance costs do not occur, which is a great advantage specially for small and medium-sized companies.

With our load trolleys you save time, resources and they allow your staff to do different, more useful jobs.