Summary of our Products

Precision turning parts

For 50 years we have been manufacturing high-quality precision turning parts with a dia. from 2 mm up to 64 mm. We process almost all materials, e.g. free-cutting steel, rustfree, high-quality steel (V2A, V4A), aluminium, brass, copper, various plastics and other materials. Please contact us in this question. Of course, our processing is not necessarily finished after CNC-, long- or automatic turning. Further machinings do not cause any problems, i.e. milling, drilling, hardening, nickel-plating, anodizing, sandblasting, gear-teething, ultrasound cleaning, electro-polishing etc.

For manufacturing of precisely made precision turning parts, we have the necessary flexibility for obtaining the best results.

Transport Appliances

  • Plate-clamping trolley (small) for the transport of flat goods for workshops and building sites is a miracle of capacity and flexibility.
  • Carryflex – Transport and lifting roller for the transport, lifting and insertion of heavy doors, partition walls and building elements.
  • Door lifter for fixing and removing of doors on their hinges as well as their transport relieves your people and saves manpower.
  • Load carrier is an indispensable help for a quick and energy-saving moving of heavy load, e.g. gravestones, frames etc.
  • Plate-support handle – the universal carrier – light and ergonomically formed – as pulling-out help of plate shelves and for the simple transport of plates.
  • Door lifter – lifts the doors out of their hinges without a strenuous effort.
  • Material carrier – a safe solution for transport and storing of heavy materials.
  • Door jack – a safe support for the professional fitting.
  • Stock-assistance carrier – for trouble-free removing of big, vertically stored plates from the stock shelf and for their transport.
  • Plate swivel trolley – for the vertical transport and the subsequent horizontal processing of heavy plates.
  • Universal clamping device – for a quick moving of stones and heavy blocks.
  • Butler – a clamping and supporting device for long components, being longer than the machining table.
  • Staircase climber – a special transport and lifting roller with 3-star air wheels for the easy transport of doors, plates, windows and other extensive building elements over obstacles, e.g. staircases
  • Plate trolley is excellent for the quick and strength-saving transport of heavy plates like chipboards and stone plates.
  • Edge protectors – a good and cost-saving supplement for our transport devices.
    It is a helpful protection for angles and edges of doors and plates during the transport.

Staircase and rail parts

USV Screws (staircase screws)
The invisible plug-in connection screw connects invisibly wood with wood, wood with stone and wood with metal. It is mostly applied in staircase constructions.

End caps made of high-quality steel
for rail and tube ends.

Clamping tools

Components can be clamped quickly, easily and safely with the pneumatic chuck of the type ZSA. With low compressed air consumption, high clamping forces are obtained, stepless adjustable between 5 and 70 kN. The maximum working pressure is 10 bar. The chucks with clamping claws in DIN are mainly for clamping of components on drilling and milling machines, for service jobs with pressure and electric screwers and for thread cutting. The clamping range goes up to 60 mm, according to the type.

Tools for repair of vehicle bodies

  • Tensile bridge is an innovative beating-out system for the ‘soft’ repair of damages of vehicle bodies. Due to the softly and precisely controlled pulling and pressing method, dents and damages on the outer skin are removed quickly and cost-effective.
  • Ground connections for resistance welding torches – a connection sticking independently to the vehicle body due to the welding resistance.
  • Magnetic holder for a simple and varnish-protecting fixation of the spark-protection covers and other suitable mats on each magnetic surface.

Schanbach Work

  • fast working mixing/stirring turbine with shaft bearing pipes
    and the turbine jet mixing heads
    for liquids
  • Inspection lamp to check for surface
  • Woodworking machinery and tools

Rope Systems

High quality variable Rope Systems from own production precision turned parts can be combined and extended.

Useful presents and special tools

  • universal mash quirl (mash cutter) made of high-quality steel – the handy help for every fruit planter. It cuts all berries and stone fruits.
  • Sharpener – simple in use, durable and precise.
  • Bottle stopper – gloss chromium-plated, keeps the flavour in the bottle.
  • Cake plate – lovely design, made of glass, exquisite design.
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